About the Game

Start your engines and become the blockchain’s arcade racing champion in Battle Racers!

Experience the excitement of miniature car racing in Battle Racers, an arcade racing game on the Ethereum blockchain! Build your perfect racing machine in the garage by mixing and matching different parts and weapons. Then race against other players on arcade-sized tracks and fight your way to the finish line! Get more fame and fortune by converting your prized Battle Racer into a non-fungible token, recording your wins on the blockchain and earning exclusive bonuses.

Design and race the most prestigious car in Battle Racers, Altitude Games’ first blockchain game!

  • Build, race, and battle model cars against other players
  • Wide variety of parts and weapons to assemble into a Battle Racer that reflects your personal style
  • Fun gravity-defying race tracks, with vertical climbs and loops that don’t follow the laws of physics
  • Parts, prizes, and leaderboards reward the best competitive players
  • Tokenize your winning car into a collectible with an immutable record on the blockchain
  • Buy and sell token cars and parts with other players on OpenSea

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