We are proudly composed of the best talent in the region, united by our passion to make the best games (and our love of 90s pop culture). Sometimes, we work out of our office in Makati City. The rest of the time, we work from home. If this sounds appealing to you, we'd love to meet you!

Job Openings

Send over your CV to [email protected] Please include any online links to your projects or demos.

Game Engineer

Altitude Games is looking for a Game Engineer! Build great free-to-play games for iOS and Android with a team of experienced veterans.


- A team player
- Experience with Unity game engine using C#
- Experience with version control systems
- Knowledge of 3D graphics internals
- Can work remotely with minimal supervision


- Experience with Android and iOS development
- Has shipped titles under his/her belt
- Knowledge of other programming languages

3D Artist

The 3D artist will be mainly responsible for Modeling, Texturing, Rigging and Animating 3d assets and import them to Unity Editor.

Minimum Qualifications and Experience:

- Has experience as 3D artist in a game development environment
- Kicks ass in 3D Studio Max and Photoshop
- Knowledgeable in Unity's art-related features
- Unity animation skills are a BIG plus
- Can work remotely with minimal supervision‚Äč

UI/UX - Marketing Artist

The UX/UI - Marketing Artist will fill two roles for Altitude Games.

First is to turn interfaces into meaningful and effective experiences for our games.

Second is to produce marketing materials for our games. These materials may be digital or printed - such as game related graphics for our website, presentations, social media pages, booth designs and tarpaulin banners.

The position requires excellent conceptual and graphic design skills, knowledge and appreciation of UX/UI design for games, understanding of flow and information architecture, visual composition and designing for the mobile experience.

The UX/UI -Marketing Artist's responsibilities cover the following:

- creation of graphic elements such as screen layouts, icons and buttons
- construction of key game screen mock ups
- revisions and finalization of all UI game screens and elements
- execution of all UI game screens using the latest Unity software
- animation of all UI elements
- revisions and polishes of all UI elements
- debugging of UI components

For marketing materials, the artist must have product sense and a grasp of the brand identity in order to understand the product positioning and be able to create materials with the appropriate message for the target audience.
- research of best practices and observation of branding guidelines
- creation of studies for marketing materials
- execution, revision and final art of marketing materials