Altitude Games was founded in 2014 by veterans of the Southeast Asian game industry. Our mission: to bring the best Asian mobile games to the rest of the world. We are proudly composed of the best talent in the region -- currently 30+ developers and still growing!

Meet the Team

Gabby Dizon


Gabby was formerly Senior Producer at Boomzap, CEO of Flipside Games and President of the Game Developers Association of the Philippines.

Luna Cruz

Creative Director

Luna has 13 years of experience in game design, including creating best-selling casual adventure franchises for Boomzap Entertainment.

Marc Polican

Engineering Director

Marc has held senior or lead programmer positions since 2005 and has released over 10 games on mobile, handheld, PC, and Mac.

Paul Gadi

Technical Director

Paul has 13 years of experience in game production for studios such as Anino Games and Gameloft, and was chairman of IGDA Manila.